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iPad a Fresh Start / Allows for Innovation

One of the things you realize over time as a software developer is that once you build a feature into a piece of software you can rarely ever take it out. The more people that use your software the more true this becomes. If you watch the following video you’ll notice that photoshop is providing […]

Media Center Woes

I recently spotted the Hauppauge 2250 on and decided that it was time that I upgrade my media center with a tuner that was Clear QAM capable. If your unfamiliar with Clear QAM it is essentially unencrypted HD channels that are sent to every cable subscriber. If you have a TV with a QAM […]

Latest Gadget Update

I love my toys! Recently I have gotten a few new toys. Here is a quick rundown. iPhone 3g – LOVE IT …only wish battery life was longer so I could use apps all day long. LG Dare – SUCKED….got this as a line for OWL Computing and instead I cancelled the line with Verizon […]

iTunes Library on the go?

I have tried a number of different solutions for getting my iTunes library on my remote machine(s). Within my local network iTunes takes just a few seconds using Zeroconf / Bonjour technology to find my library and then a few more seconds to load the XML file containing the definitions my 60GB + of music. Until […]

Airport Extreme SNMP stat graph

One of the downsides to having a more complex home network is that when you have multiple PC’s all hitting the web for various reasons and suddenly things slow down it can be hard to troubleshoot. Sometimes a slowdown can simply mean that there is excessive traffic on the network. Figuring out how much internet […]


Currently the carputer sits below the head unit…Right now I am working on locating cables to extend my factory head unit so that I can relocate that under a seat or something. I have steering wheel controls and a heads up display so I really have no need for it. Once this is complete I […]

Great Sucess!

Carputer hardware installed and functional! I’m working on installing software and the additional peripherals now and then it is demo time!

Extreme Programming at Starbucks

Had an issue with some css, div’s and tables tonight so Adrian and I went up to Starbucks and did some reverse pair programming. Generally pair programming involves one computer for 2 dudes. We had Adrian rocking on both Macbook Pro’s while I was on my Macbook Air.

Carputer Update

I’m going to try to pick up a mac mini new or used before the weekend so I can wrap this project up. I got a replacement macpac very promptly from the good people over at since my leadwire for the ignition switch seemed to fall right out of the connector.

Carputer Problems

I guess the problem with dealing with used/old technology is that you never really know the cause of failure. My mac mini seems to have taken a puke for the moment and I’m not sure if it was me overloading it with power, powering it on and off too many times in a row, or […]