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iPad a Fresh Start / Allows for Innovation

One of the things you realize over time as a software developer is that once you build a feature into a piece of software you can rarely ever take it out. The more people that use your software the more true this becomes. If you watch the following video you’ll notice that photoshop is providing […]

iPhone Development

Recently I started working on a new project for which there will be an iPhone app. So far I have found 2 hidden nuggets I would like to share with any other iPhone developers out there that may be reading this. iPhone – Parse XML to custom objects This simple set of classes very easily […]

Extreme Programming at Starbucks

Had an issue with some css, div’s and tables tonight so Adrian and I went up to Starbucks and did some reverse pair programming. Generally pair programming involves one computer for 2 dudes. We had Adrian rocking on both Macbook Pro’s while I was on my Macbook Air.

West Michigan Day of .Net …be there or be ^2

Look out Rails

(Image taken from Lawrence Whittemore’s photos) I was reading Hanselman or ScottHa as he calls himself these days. (I’m not sure he has enough power to start doing that just yet ^_^ ) Anyways the MVC stuff they are working on looks amazingly cool. They presented it for the first time at the ALT.NET conference […]

What’s a war room?

I’ve had alot of people asking me what a war room is. See the expression on those faces…. THAT my friends, is a software project war room.

Looking for an intern or part time web developer (telecommute)

I figured I’d put the word out that I am looking for a part time web developer and/or designer. I have been working through alot of contractors lately and it would be nice to land someone a little more steadily. Most work would be done remotely however office space may be available (in the […]

Static Interface Methods

Interfaces tend to be one of those things that lose attention in the heat of development. For this reason I will hereby declare my lack of experience with creating interfaces. I have implemented (inherited) quite often but it was only when I was asked to create an interface at one of my current contracts that […]

Software Developer Traits

I’ve been doing a lot of talking to some peers recently about what it takes to be a developer as well as what it takes to stay at the top of your game. I will reiterate that I am talking about developers or “software engineers” rather than programmers or “script kiddies” who program for fun but either cannot or choose […]

Great Article on

I frequently read and I just caught a post linking me to an article he wrote for Inc. Anyone who knows about Joel has probably read about his great intership program. This articles goes into the details of that program. Enjoy!