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Rent (2005)

So we went and saw Rent recently at the theaters and it was quite a letdown. Let me start off by saying that I had never seen the play on broadway or otherwise. The only way that I had known of the story was through the music…..this ruined the music for me. For the first […]

Media Center PC with HDTV Wonder

I have modified my home built media center pc. It now includes the original 2 PVR-250′s AND a HDTV Wonder card. This new card which I picked up for about $150 at Compusa allows me to watch over the air broadcasts from the HDTV network. All I can really say is WOW! For those of […]

What I have been up to..

Wow I hate wordpress for that…I just wrote a whole ton of stuff and lost it because I tabbed over and hit enter… Anyways once again here is what I have been up to: I have been working on an MCMS project for the last month or so. It is for a company in Dayton, […]

Sony PSP Review

PSP and UMD Drive While I was in Detroit last week, I decided to do a little shopping. I had read some reviews on the PSP and I told myself that if I was lucky enough to find a store that still had some in stock I was going to have to purchase one. I […]

New Hardware

So I recently got some new toys that I will be reviewing. Look for a up close look at PSP as well as the Creative Zen Micro. One of them is going back to the store…stay tuned for more.