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iPhone Development

Recently I started working on a new project for which there will be an iPhone app. So far I have found 2 hidden nuggets I would like to share with any other iPhone developers out there that may be reading this. iPhone – Parse XML to custom objects This simple set of classes very easily […]

Windows Media Center to iPod / iPhone

I watch a lot of TV….I’ll just put that right out there. I pay for cable TV and with my multiple tuner Windows Media Center PC I make sure I get my money’s worth. I like being able to pick where I want to watch my recorded content on the fly. Living room, PC, iPhone, etc.. […]

Killer iPhone (web)Apps!

I’ve read alot of complaining about the rather displeasing lack of an iPhone API for public consumption. However, I must say, people/companies are innovative and where there is a will there is a way. This set of standards for building iPhone sites has proven to be quite amazing when implemented properly. I have ran into […]