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Day #5 – Blog Moved

I relocated the fitness related posts to….

Day #4

Pushups – 13 Situps -13

Day #3 – No I haven’t fallen off the wagon already

12-Pushups 12-Situps 10 mins before midnight I finally get around to posting. The posts will get more verbose and filled with technical and fitness type content soon. I am just really working hard to get some side projects wrapped up. Also in 10 more minutes I will have went an entire month without pop/soda …yay […]

Day #2 – It’s Friday!!!

Pushups: 11 Situps: 11  Busy busy today…lots of work to be done…

Day #1 – Let it begin!

10 – Pushups 10 – Situps Slow and steady wins the race…Just gotta tell myself that because 10/10 is way to easy, but I know when I get up to 40/40 every morning I’m going to be feeling it. And hopefully increasing at a pace of 1 per day will ease that pain. On another […]

Geek Fitness Challenge

4 days from now I will have given up pop for an entire month. For those of you who know me that is considered a pretty big deal. The pic of the Mt. Dew bottles you see in the picture above is at my desk and it will be there for 4 more days as […]