Newsflash: Green != Liberal Hippy

Contrary to popular belief, "Going Organic/Green" doesn’t actually mean becoming a hippy. Showers and regular haircuts are still welcome! Over the past year my wife has made some what I consider to be radical changes around our household that have impacted us and our surroundings in an very positive way. At first I rejected the changes as any hippy fearing right winged man would. However now I am beginning to embrace them and come to the realization that eating organics foods or using green cleaning products around the house does not mean I am a changed person, it just means I am more informed about the potential hazards of relying on American standards to guide my well being.

I won’t get into too much detail about the specifics of the changes but if you want to hear more you can check our her blog at

P.S. No offense to any of my hippy readers…as if they have computers psshhh :-) Oh and this doesn’t mean you won’t find me eating at Applebees or anything in the near future…..I’m not suggesting I am a changed man….just open to change!

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