A closer look at my Geneology

Since my trip to Ireland last June I keep thinking about my heritage and what exactly I am comprised of. I think this is mostly due to the fact that I saw so many faces that looked so familiar in Ireland. These aren’t the faces you tend to see when you think of the Irish but the faces of every day people. I could really see my maternal side in these complete strangers and that got me thinking. So here is the breakdown based upon my great grandparents 8 last names.

McMillan – Irish
Borelli – Italian
Burns – German
Finnerty – Irish
Rose – Dutch
Vanderzwagg – Dutch
DeYoung – English/Irish/Cuban :-P ??????
Smallegan – Dutch

The only name I’m not very sure of is DeYoung….based on this image it could be from any number of places:

DeYoung Port of Departure from Ancestry.com

From this I can derive that I am about:
37.5% Dutch
25% Irish
12.5% Italian
12.5% German

So far I’ve been to Ireland and if it turns out DeYoung is from England I’ve been there as well. This year we plan to go to Italy and I can’t help but wonder if I am going to see more family resemblance….It is kind of crazy how so many different nationalities are classified together as caucasian but with so many varieties of facial and physical body structure. Based on my mutt status I guess I’m gonna classify myself as Durisianman :-) What are you?

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  1. part Smallegan too! ; )

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