How to get a free iphone 3g

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months you have probably seen the new iPhone 3G. I’ve devised a plan that will let you get the iPhone 3g very cheaply if not free and I will lay it out here in steps. If you have a bunch of cash up front this will be alot easier. If not you can do it in steps. I will demonstrate with alot of cash up front but I think you’ll easily be able to see that you could do one phone at a time. This might also be less obvious to AT&T.

  1. Go buy yourself 5 iPhone 3G’s on a family plan. ($300 for the white 16GB * 5 = $1500).
  2. Call up AT&T (probably 4 different calls) to tell them that you have either lost the phone or it was stolen for each line. They will then let you cancel the data plans. So now the total cost of ownership for each phone is ($300 for the phone and $240 for keeping the line on the family plan for 24 months) $540.
  3. Sell 4 of the iPhones on ebay. You should be able to get at least $650 out of each phone. This nets you a profit of $110 bucks on each phone. This means a total of $440 profit which more than covers your initial $300 for your own iPhone 3G.
  4. As an added bonus you now have 4 additional lines that are prepaid for 2 years and you can simply hook up on GSM phones or one of the cheap new gophones to.
  5. Enjoy!

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