Latest Gadget Update

I love my toys! Recently I have gotten a few new toys. Here is a quick rundown.

  • iPhone 3g – LOVE IT …only wish battery life was longer so I could use apps all day long.
  • LG Dare – SUCKED….got this as a line for OWL Computing and instead I cancelled the line with Verizon and went with ATT and a second iPhone instead.
  • Garmin nuvi® 200 Portable GPS Navigator which I got free from this device has an amazing user interface.
  • EEEPC 2G – Just picked this one up. Review to come…
  • Flip Mino – Amazing little 640×480 video camera that records on hour at a time on solid state flash memory. Even has a nice little built in program that allows you to do direct uploads to youtube and such.

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  1. MMM…. YES! The iPhone 3G is very tasty… I ran the battery ragged over the last 5 hours dinkin around on the thing.

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