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News Flash! Vista installs uberfast on new iMac

I haven’t got to testing it much yet and I will write some more about it when I get the dev tools installed and such but I am very impressed with the installation time on my new 2.4ghz iMac. Am I surprised …nah…it’s a mac

Why so much spam?

I noticed while browsing through my comments on this blog that my comment spam filter proudly proclaimed Akismet has caught 31,707 spam for you since you first installed it. I don’t even think it has been a full year since I first installed that! I am extremely happy to say that Akismet is doing it’s […]

Looking for an intern or part time web developer (telecommute)

I figured I’d put the word out that I am looking for a part time web developer and/or designer. I have been working through alot of contractors lately and it would be nice to land someone a little more steadily. Most work would be done remotely however office space may be available (in the […]

Windows Home Server

So I take it back. I previously mentioned how Windows Home Server was Lame. I am now running the RC1 on my old media center at home. First and foremost the backup solution is execellent. It uses a solution known as single instance storage that allows data to be broken up in clusters and hashed […]

Killer iPhone (web)Apps!

I’ve read alot of complaining about the rather displeasing lack of an iPhone API for public consumption. However, I must say, people/companies are innovative and where there is a will there is a way. This set of standards for building iPhone sites has proven to be quite amazing when implemented properly. I have ran into […]

I just have to do it!!

100th post!!!! Wahoo!!!! …in other sad news this is only my 44th post this year…I should be at over 150 posts to hit my goal… :-\

Adsense Theme

So I grabbed a new theme that has adsense built into it. What do you think? I have already gained a bit of revenue from click-throughs and I don’t think it looks all that intrusive. Maybe it’ll recoup what little hosting costs I pay throughout the year.

Static Interface Methods

Interfaces tend to be one of those things that lose attention in the heat of development. For this reason I will hereby declare my lack of experience with creating interfaces. I have implemented (inherited) quite often but it was only when I was asked to create an interface at one of my current contracts that […]

Playing catch up…

I wonder if it is still possible for me to play catchup and do more than 1 post a day to fufill my 365 blog posts this year. Heres to trying!!!

A big shout out to Bluehost

Thank you Bluehost for the wonderful years of service you have given me thus far. I can’t count the number of times that besides hosting my site, I have hosted a file I needed to share with someone up on this server and have never been disappointed by the level of service that I have […]