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Building it…

Do you ever find that you are looking really hard for something that doesn’t exist. I recently realized that the only way to obtain some of these things are to build them yourself. So that is what I have started to do, more on that later. In other news I made it to Canada and […]

Albums I never get sick of

Everyone has them. These are the albums you toss into the car cd player and play until the disc warps from overheating or you put them on repeat on your mp3 player and you can just listen to them over and over on repeat never tiring of the same sounds. The great part is that they are different for […]

Software Developer Traits

I’ve been doing a lot of talking to some peers recently about what it takes to be a developer as well as what it takes to stay at the top of your game. I will reiterate that I am talking about developers or “software engineers” rather than programmers or “script kiddies” who program for fun but either cannot or choose […]