All Done

Done seems to describe most things that are going on right now.

So here is my done list:

  • Done working at Tiara Yachts – Spent last year working as a developer there and decided it was time to move on because another opportunity came knocking.
  • Done with my Masters of Computer Information Systems program at GVSU! – Sadly it has taken me nearly as long to get my Masters as it did for me to get my Bachelors! But after 18 years of nearly continous schooling I am finally calling it quits! I don’t see myself doing a PhD at this point in my life so maybe I will revisit education when I start going gray.
  • Done teaching CISP220 at Davenport University – I really enjoyed teaching the class and I have been asked to teach an accelerated database design class there this spring/summer.

Those are the big 3! but I have decided with them I woud like to be done with some smaller health focused things in life such as:

  • Mt. Dew Addiction – Should be easier to justify giving up (to myself) now that I don’t have to stay awake in class.
  • Fast Food – Once again running to class after work alway gave me an excuse to grab a burger!
  • Sedentary Lifestyle – No homework should be a big help with this one!

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