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Upgraded to WordPress 2.1

I just did an upgrade to WordPress 2.1 and everything still seems to be alive and kicking. I love the simplicity of WordPress. Kudos to the dev team over there.

What is up with 4 Million?

As I have been browsing through techcrunch the last few days I have noticed a pattern. Podcasting Ad Network Raises 4 Million Europes Digg Killer Raises e4-million Four Month Old Wize Gets 4 Million Who wants to give me 4 Million for a Web 2.0 Site? ———-Edit———- Heck lets make it an even 5.

Reading List

So Dan Woolston is calling people out asking for their reading list. Well there you have it. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein is a classic. A little above my reading level but I have google definitions to get me through it. In all honesty I haven’t been doing much reading. I do however have […]

Windows Home Server…Lame!

Reasons: 1. OEM-only product 2. Headless Need I say more?


I was just listening to some music and I noticed there were like 2 or 3 songs in a row that I liked that were about California. So I started thinking about more of my favorite music and came up with this list. 1. Back to California – Sugarcult 2. Dani California – Red Hot […]

The .Net 3.0 Framework and LINQ

Dim q = From p In db.Inspection _ Where p.HullNumber = “MA009″ _ Select p Yup that is VB.NET code using .Net 3.0 and LINQ and I am loving it. More to come (possibly a review) when I finish my first test project using this.

Another great digg find This project takes you through 7 nights of programming a Google IG replica using .net 3.0 technologies. I am working through it slowly and so far it is first rate stuff. Thanks Omar!

Biztalk Book

Dan Woolston a friend and former coworker has a new Biztalk book coming out this month. Congrats Dan! If you haven’t touched BizTalk yet this is the book for you. So get on over to amazon and pre-order a copy. At $29.69 for 400 pages of BizTalk goodness it’s a steal. 3 posts and going […]

Overcoming Coder’s Block

Digg is an amazing place to find tech related stuff and this is what I bumped into last night. If you are a software developer for a living it is a must read! If you have never experienced what Logan describes as Coder’s Block then you probably aren’t working hard enough to begin with….Slacker… […]

New Years Resolutions

#1. Get Married (it is the big year!!) #2. Get Debt Free #3. Blog at least 365 times this year. #4. Workout at least 3 times a week. Wish me luck!