Gamefest 2006 Content

If you like free content…and I know you do! Then you may enjoy this:

Good audio tracks and powerpoints to follow along with while listening. So far I have been listening to the Graphics Track and although I am not to the point where I understand everything they are saying it is deffinetly helpful and a great resource for both the noobs and l33t g@m3 pr0gr@mm3r$…excuse me while I go change my password.

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  1. Your spelling is horrible.. not to mention the fact that DirectX is a joke. It’s too bad that the software in video games is archaic and offensively bad.

  2. Dear anonymous douche bag who likes to be called James,

    Please grow a pair and get the fuck off of my site. I am sorry if my one misspelled word has ruined your day and I promise if you never come back here it DEFINITELY won’t happen again.

    With Love,

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