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Good new music sneaks right up on you….

I always find that the albums/tracks that I wait for the longest tend to suck. The ones that I am not expecting by artists I am not as familar with seem to be the greatest. Also I realized the vast majority of the new music I find comes from video. Today I am bringing you […]

Gamefest 2006 Content

If you like free content…and I know you do! Then you may enjoy this: Good audio tracks and powerpoints to follow along with while listening. So far I have been listening to the Graphics Track and although I am not to the point where I understand everything they are saying it is deffinetly helpful […]

Microsoft Game Technologies Center

Unleash the power of graphics and games for Windows and the XBOX 360…they aren’t kidding. I have been checking this out and it is pretty sweet stuff. Take a look if you have the chance.