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I posted this a while ago on my work blog but it never made it here

I am using Visual Studio 2005 (whidbey) for my first project here at NuSoft. Lots of new features to check out, you should take a look if you haven’t done so yet. However the collapsing of code in C# still seperates method headers from the method itself. This really bugs me because if I want to collapse things up it takes twice the clicks. The only way I can think so far to get around this is to enclose each method and header within a region…..not exactly the best idea but it would work.

Anyone else share in my frustration? Maybe I am just picky but it seems like a simple feature..right?

This is what I see….
+ ///

+ private DataTable methodName()…

This is what I want to see….
+ private DataTable methodName()…

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  1. Try using VB.NET; when you collapse a method in VB.NET this iw what you see:

    + Public Function DoSomething() DataTable

  2. Thanks Bill…actually I come from a VB.NET background. I am only doing C# because you seem to have made it the standard now.

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