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No offense Gaucho but this software sucks!

So as I was saying about widgets pretty much sucking here is more fuel for the fire… I found this companies Dash Monitors widget on the apple website (one of the top ones actually). Get this… I am on a dual 2.0 G5 and when I run that widget it uses 10-15% of my […]

Tiger Tip #2 – Widgets are cool..but not THAT cool

According to our good friend Activity Monitor AKA “Visual top” widgets take waste a crapload of RAM. I am sure we are going to hear a whole ton about this in the future but here is run down of how much RAM my current widgets are taking up. click to enlarge My advice is to […]

Tiger Tip #1 – Dashboard Refresh

I am sure it is documented somewhere but if you are having issues with a widget not being up to date on your dashboard you can press Apple + R and the widget that you have selected will reload, just as a webpage would. Makes sense since that is really what widgets are anyways right? […]

Tiger Tips

I am going to be posting a series of Tiger Tips as I find them. They will be filed under the Tiger Tips category for your easy viewing pleasure Enjoy!


I am experimenting with the idea of posting via MarsEdit. I think this may really like doing things this way because it allows me to get my posts ready as drafts when I am somewhere without an internet connection (Always easier to write without the internet at your fingertips to play with). Previously I had […]

Losing a post

Losing a good post is like losing a child. You take the time to put your thoughts into cyberspace and then through bad luck it somehow gets lost. You know it is out there and you really don’t want it to be dead. People keep asking you about it and everytime they do you start […]

Tale of 2 Geeks

Heh, I have been messing around with Comic Life, here is a sample… Click the image above to open in a new window

Google Toolbar Spellcheck, A Blogging Tool?

Google Toolbar 3 Beta has been taking a lot of heat for their auto link feature, which by the way you can disable (but we aren’t going there). I however have not heard a lot about the new spell checking feature. I have seen a lot of plugins available for wordpress, .Text, etc.. for spell […]

Code Collapsing

I posted this a while ago on my work blog but it never made it here I am using Visual Studio 2005 (whidbey) for my first project here at NuSoft. Lots of new features to check out, you should take a look if you haven’t done so yet. However the collapsing of code in C# […]

Napster .WMA to .MP3

I have wrote a program to automate the DRM’d WMA’s to MP3′s conversion process