Speed Blogging

Ahhh, the joys of technology. Right now I am driving 70mph on the highway to Detroit for work. I am on my tablet pc with a grps connection to the net. I have the Microsoft GPS hooked to streets and trips to track progress. I have Napster running which is connected to my car stereo, so I can listen to my downloaded tracks. Of course as always I always have AIM running too.

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  2. Are you typing while you’re driving, or are you using text to speech? :D

  3. I don’t think thats very safe to be doing that while DRIVING my son.


  4. I meant to say speech to text

    :::thwaps keyboard against forehead:::

  5. Stop doing that! Your mind is not big enough to handle all that technology! :-)

  6. Aw, Ryan! Hopefully someone else was driving while you were multi-tasking!

    I like the picture of you on this site. Very serious-looking guy!

    Take it easy on the other drivers and PAY ATTENTION!

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