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Speed Blogging

Ahhh, the joys of technology. Right now I am driving 70mph on the highway to Detroit for work. I am on my tablet pc with a grps connection to the net. I have the Microsoft GPS hooked to streets and trips to track progress. I have Napster running which is connected to my car stereo, […]

The O.C. Weirdness

I have started pulling together some thoughts about the whole O.C. family tree. Here are some interesting facts about Julie Cooper Nichol. Julie Cooper Nichol is… Mother of *Marissa Cooper *Kaitlin Cooper Step Mother of *Kirsten Cohen *Haily Nichol *Lindsay Gardner Step Mother-In-Law of *Sandy Cohen Step Grand Mother of *Seth Cohen *Ryan Atwood

A turning point…

Well as some of you may know I recently accepted a position as a Software Developer at NuSoft Solutions. I have been doing some serious reflection and have come to the conclusion that through all that I have done in the latest quarter of my life (5 years), Davenport University has played a major role. […]