Shuffling Hat

Check it out! It is my Shuffle Hat! (yes I took this picture myself, and yes I am whistling)

So what is so interesting about my seemingly normal Abercrombie hat you may ask? Well I was talking to my good buddy Tim at work about my new ipod shuffle and how the cord hanging down just gets in the way of movement. Well he brought up the idea of putting it into a headband, and I modified that idea with my favorite winter hat (which well….I may be wearing all summer long now). You can hardly tell in the above photo but there is a slight buldge on the right side of my head where the shuffle is tucked in :-) Follow the instructions below and you can have your own!

So here is the not so hackish hack.

What you need!
1. A Hat (knitted)
2. A Shuffle

Turn the hat over…

Poke the headphone jack through so that it looks like this…

and once you put it on the headphones go like this…

So that is it, that is how I wear my shuffle, I simply wrap the extra slack around my head and tuck the shuffle into the fold of the hat.

If you want to be less discrete, you can attach your shuffle to your glasses :-)

Please leave comments and let me know how you wear your shuffle?

6 Responses to “Shuffling Hat”

  1. Niiiiiice….I saw your comment on hackaday’s site. That was a kille hack eh? Anyway, nice hat mod. I have a Carbon, so I don’t think that’ll fit. Hmmmm…..maybe a cowboy hat. Meh…

  2. Can you do that with your iBook too?

  3. I thought I’d let you know i’ve added your Shuffling Hat to shufflehacks. Hope you don’t mind.

  4. he he nice idea maybe we can sell Shuffle Hats through europe next autumn ;-)

  5. funny idea,

    greetings from tübingen, germany.

  6. LOVE your blog, thanks for entertaining me
    Hope there will be more posts soon
    regards, terry
    ps – sorry im not that good in writing in english because I came from europe – but i understand a lot

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